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Hospitality Management

Program Duration: 2 Academic Years - 82 Weeks

Accreditation: Evergreen College Diploma

Program Overview  

The Hospitality Management program is designed for individuals seeking the skills and knowledge required to enter the exciting field of hospitality. This program will prepare students for hospitality careers in hotels, resorts, food and beverage catering and other accommodation service establishments.

What You Will Learn

Evergreen College prepares students of the Hospitality Management program to effectively manage the responsibilities of planning, overseeing and evaluating the operations of an accommodation establishment or of a department within such an establishment.

Students will train with industry leading computer software programs; learn effective sales, and marketing strategies, and effectively oversee hotel and restaurant accounting. Upon graduation, students will also be equipped to manage housekeeping as well as manage security and loss prevention programs.

Career Opportunities

Successful graduates of the Hospitality Management program can look forward to career opportunities in a number of related fields, including:

Hotel Manager

Restaurant Manager

Food and Beverage Supervisor


Special Events Coordinator


The Evergreen College Advantage

At Evergreen College we believe that furthering your education is a worthwhile investment in your future. We are here for our students every step of the way. Our dedicated staff and faculty assist you from the moment you register to the proud moment you graduate. 

As part of the Hospitality Management program, students will gain 820 hours of field placement before entering the workforce. Upon graduation, students can also take advantage of The Evergreen College Job Search Workshop. 

Enroll today and let us help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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Grad Testimonial

My name is Haider. I have worked in the Hospitality Management field in Netherland for few years. I decided to join the Hospitality Management program at Evergreen College in order to gain more North American knowledge and experience to support my European expertise and increase my knowledge level in the development and organization of hotel. I strongly recommend anyone who would like to start or continue their education in the hospitality field because the job opportunities are many and varied. In addition, the hospitality management includes different disciplines in a variety of fields. So I advise everyone who has a desire to attend this study and especially in Evergreen College! Evergreen college is the best place for this kind of academic study because there are 12 intensive courses and when I started the program I have found very efficient staff and very helpful in addition to all these privileges there is a co-op program which enhances our theoretical study.
Haider Kinpori

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