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Read some of the great success stories from Evergreen College graduates. We changed their lives; why not let us change yours?
Let me say first that Evergreen College has helped us reach our goals.
With the great help and support from our teachers and administration, we have achieved the skills and knowledge to succeed in the professional fields we have chosen.
The warm and friendly atmosphere of Evergreen College, and its professional and knowledgeable instructors, helped us stay focused and motivated in the pursuit of our future goals, even when at times – that seemed a difficult task.

So, I would like to thank the management and the entire staff at Evergreen for being there in my hard times. My teacher encouraged me, believed in me, and for that I thank you so much.
Aidee Pena – Community Service Worker


My name is Grace and I am an Evergreen College graduate. The reason that I chose to attend Evergreen College courses is because, being a newcomer to Canada, I wanted a quick integration into the field of healthcare. I wanted a job quickly that allowed me to find fulfillment by caring for others. Evergreen helped me reach that goal! I am now supporting individuals with disabilities in residential care, which I obtained immediately after completing the course. However, other goals were reached! I connected with other people, like myself, in the classroom. I felt connected to the Toronto health care community by a greater understanding of all that a PSW can do here in private and publically funded care giving positions as well as entry level social service work jobs.

My life has changed since registering for a simple course. I am at the beginning of many opportunities with work, and I am fulfilled by the individuals along the way who helped make it happen.
Grace Kemirembe – Personal Support Worker

My name is Maryna Trofimova, from Russia. After coming to Toronto one of my friends gave me very good advice “go to EVERGREEN College”.
Their good location, high quality staff, students, who speak many different languages, small groups. All courses and programs at EVERGREEN College were designed to help me learn quickly and effectively. I was a student of the PSW group, after that I took the exam. It took me only three weeks to find a job after graduation. I paid less money and had no problems whatsoever. The College issues a Certificate and Diploma – not all the colleges do. Now I am a PSW at Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home.
Maryna Trofimova – Personal Support Worker

My name is Tashi. I’m Tibetan, but immigrated from India. When I came to Canada, I was looking for the good college. I always read the newspaper and then one day I found EVERGREEN College.

After researching schools, I chose EVERGREEN because:
Flexible timing / hours.
Reasonable fees.
Week days, weekend classes.
I really want to thank EVERGREEN … “Keep it up”
Tashi Choedon Badhey Tsang – Personal Support Worker

This is with most sincere gratitude, that I am writing this letter. I am a Personal Support Worker, a graduate of the EVERGREEN College.
Currently I work as a PSW at a Lithuanian Nursing Home, a long-term facility “Labdara” and consider this job a serious career move in my life.

The PSW program at EVERGREEN was really excellent and helped me start my health care career very soon. Thank you very much for your support, professionalism and your most friendly environment.
Zoya Bubnova – Personal Support Worker
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Grad Testimonial

My name is Emanuele and I work as a Social Worker aid in Italy helping clients with mental illness carry out activities of daily living. I decided to enroll in the Personal Support Worker program at Evergreen College in order to gain further knowledge and experience in the health care field geared towards the care and support of people that are in need of assistance with everyday life tasks. For a person who loves helping others, whether young or old, I've found the Personal Support Worker program to be very rewarding in the sense that it has taught me the necessary skills required for the proper care of those in need of assistance due to a physical or mental disability. I had the opportunity to volunteer at various Long-term care facilities in the GTA and my Italian background and knowledge of the language became a great asset as the majority of the residents were of Italian descent. As the aging population in Canada increases, the demand for Personal Support Workers is also increasing, for this reason, I highly recommend the PSW program at Evergreen College to whoever wishes to start or continue their education in this field.
Emanuele Garau

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