Computer System and Network Specialist

Program Duration: 1 Academic Year - 42 Weeks

Accreditation: Evergreen College Diploma

Program Overview

The Computer System and Network Specialist program prepares students to confidently tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of a Computer System and Network Specialist and maintain the operations of an organization's computer network. 

What You Will Learn

Students will receive a working knowledge of Local Area Networks, their application within Wide Area Networks and their inter-connectivity to nodes, servers, and other end-user devices. Students will also become familiar with the Internet, web server management and its connectivity to LAN and WAN. Students can expect to learn how to work with a broad range of software including; managing system and client software, web page integration and creation, network security measures, user accounting and monitoring network event logs for problem resolution. 

With Evergreen College's blended program of hands-on training and practicum, students in this program will graduate with a variety of certificates, including:

Comp Tia A + Certificate

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert/Associate (MCSE/MCSA) Certificate

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching (CCNA) Certificate

Career Opportunities

Network and computer systems specialists work with the computer networks of a variety of organizations and are therefore employed in many industries. Graduates of the Computer System and Network Specialist program can expect to be eligible for a number of positions in the computer and network connectivity field, including:

Computer Network Support

Network Design and Integration

Internet Web Technician

LAN Administrator/ Technician

Data Centre Operator

Network Administrator/ Technician

The Evergreen College Advantage

At Evergreen College we believe that furthering your education is a worthwhile investment in your future. We are here for our students every step of the way. Our dedicated staff and faculty assist you from the moment you register to the proud moment you graduate. 

Upon graduation, students will be able to design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions based on different platforms. The Computer System and Network Specialist program equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to confidently take on the challenges of a busy and rewarding career.

As part of the Computer System and Network Specialist program, students will gain 200 hours of field experience before entering the workforce. Upon graduation, students can also take advantage of The Evergreen College Job Search Workshop. 

Enroll today and let us help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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Grad Testimonial

My name is Manesa Barnes; I'm an international student from Jamaica. Coming to a new country and adapting to the new lifestyle was different at first but as I meet friends along the way and open up more both in my language and those in my surroundings, I see myself improving since I started Evergreen College. I'm no long the shy person; thanks to Evergreen College. I have successfully completed the ECA program and now I'm currently enrolled in the community service program (CSW). I feel like I have accomplish a lot by doing assignments and group work. The ECA class was really great, because I appreciate the small classes because I feel that it enhanced my learning skills and encourage me to have one on one conversation with my professor and classmates. My perspective of the class was that it had a friendly environment that made me feel welcome. I enjoyed my field placement which I did for four months. Overtime as I got more Intune in what I was doing, the children became my priority. My professor prepare me for my field placement very well, so when I went out in the field I knew what I was doing because I knew how to apply what I've learned. While I was in the ECA class, I got the opportunity to visit the Scott Mission. By being involve in donating items such as clothing, can foods and money that was put together from the bake sale by the ECA class and professor.
Manesa Barnes

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